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Brother LH4-B814 MK2 (B817)

Lockstitch Button Hole Machine.


The Brother model LH4-B814 MK2 / LH4-B817 is a well proven & reliable industrial lockstitch buttonhole machine. 

Its quality design & manufacture has made the machine one of the best mechanical lockstitch buttonhole machines in use today.

Brother also offers an electronic button hole machine model B800E or HE-800A with advanced electronic control features, but for the manufacturer who is going to do the same or similar style of lockstitch buttonhole over & over again then the LH4-B814 MK2 is a hard machine to beat..

It features: 

  • Fully automatic lubrication for increased durability
  • 13mm high presser foot lift for bulky fabrics
  • Automatic upper & lower thread cutter
  • Up to 3600 s.p.m
  • Quick cycle time of approximately 4 seconds per button hole including handling time

B814 MKII / B817


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