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Brother Industrial Sewing Machines at Braithwaite's

Brother V Series overlock

Brother overlock

  High Speed 2, 3, 4 & 5 thread overlock

EF4 V41

Ultra High Speed Single Needle Overlock Sewing Machine

EF4 V51

Ultra High Speed Twin Needle Overlock Sewing Machine

MA4 V61

Ultra High Speed Safety Stitch Sewing Machine

EF4 V71 / V72

High Speed Single Needle Adjustable Top And Bottom Feed Overlock Sewing Machine

EF4 V81 / V82

High Speed Twin Needle Adjustable Top And Bottom Feed Overlock Sewing Machine

MA4 V91 / V92

High Speed Adjustable Top And Bottom Feed Safety Stitch Sewing Machine

No damage to the material
Improved feed mechanism and presser foot shape gives smooth and gentle feeding.
More over, the closed type needle bar mechanism and the perfect seal on the feed bar mean no oil leaking.

Stable sewing of any size of material
Strengthening of the differential feed dog, variation of the presser bar position and 4 types of over looper locus that harmonizes the needle movement provide the stable sewing even on the joint seam.

A light starting performance and reducing vibration
Lightened parts and balance adjustment, and the smooth relationship between all parts..

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