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Highlead GC128-M-D3

Factory Rated

Single needle lockstitch sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer

Highlead CG128-M-D3


The Highlead GC128-M-D3 is a single needle lockstitch industrial sewing machine with thread trimmer for use on light/medium weight materials.

The machine is equipped with a automatic thread trimmer which is mounted under the needle plate for quick & accurate cutting of thread at the end of a sewing cycle. This saves considerable time when compared with manual cutting of threads using scissors etc.

The position of the needle is controlled by an energy saving electronic needle position motor & controller.  This will automatically put the needle in an UP or DOWN position at the end of a sewing cycle: reducing the need to use the manual hand wheel. 

Different stitch count functions are available and for example: an operator can set a number of stitches (up to 99) and the machine will stop automatically when the set amount has been sewn.  

Programmable automatic back-tack stitching reduces the need to use the manual reverse lever and saves time etc. 


By fitting advanced electronics + electric solenoid devices and an operator panel with clear blue display; the Highlead GC128-MD3 114 has programmable & time saving functions which include:

  • Automatic start & end back-tack

  • Constant stitch sewing program

  • Multi Stitch-count program

  • Label sewing program

  • Bar-tacking option

  • Fine speed control

Highlead control panel

This Highlead GC128-MD3 industrial sewing machine has been refined over many years of use in clothing & textiles factories; it is a high speed, smooth, well balanced & robust sewing machine. 

As well as the automatic thread trimmer and electronic functions, it still has the standard features which users are familiar with, e.g. manual reverse lever, stitch adjusting dial, bobbin winder, hand or knee operated foot lifter etc. 

These features have also been complemented with the fitting of: a knuckle operated reverse device; which is positioned just above the foot and allows you to reverse stitch without having to move your hands from the sewing area.  An electric thread control wiper device is fitted to help reduce thread bunching up when you start sewing.  An optional automatic electric foot lifter device is available (if fitted this replaces manual knee lifter) 

Energy efficiency is built-in with the inclusion of Highlead's latest energy saving electronic servo motor; which only turns when you are actually stitching. In operation its smooth + quiet and in standby its silent and little energy is wasted.


Sewing Machine thread trimmer solenoid

Underneath view showing the automatic thread trimmer solenoid (gold colour) and oil pump etc.


  • Max sewing speed:  5000spm
  • Stitch length:  0-5mm
  • Presser foot lift by hand:  5mm
  • Presser foot lift by Knee:  13mm
  • Lubrication:  Auto pump type
  • Thread Trimmer:  impulse solenoid type
  • Motor: energy saving electronic servo
  • Auto foot lifter:  optional
  • Back-tack:  manual or auto
  • Stitch program:  Highlead blue digital

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