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Highlead Sewing Machines


Highlead GL13118-1

Blind Stitch Sewing Machine

for Felling & Hemming

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Highlead Blind stitch sewing machine

The Highlead GL13118-1 is a general purpose blind-stitch sewing machine for use on a wide range of materials. 

The machine produces a single thread chainstitch, which on the outside of the fabric appears to be hidden.  The blind-stitch depth is easily adjusted, via the control dial, to suit many types fabrics.

A universal sewing equipment set if fitted to allow blind-stitching of various materials independent of weight (i.e. light, medium & heavy weight). 

The sewing machine is used throughout the clothing industry: making men's & woman's clothing, +house hold textiles including curtains.  It is versatile and of particular use were many different fabrics are used (i.e. alteration work).

The GL13118-1 is a smooth running machine making blind-stitching effortless and as well as sewing flat work, you can swing away the front plate to reveal a cylinder arm for hemming small garments, sleeves and the bottom of trouser legs etc..


Highlead GL13118-1 blind stitch felling sewing machine



  • Smooth & quiet operation
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Adjustable blind-stitch depth
  • Top feed system
  • Skip & no-skip selector
  • Swing away plate
  • Flat or cylinder arm work.

  • Max sewing speed: 2500rpm
  • Stitch length: 3-7mm
  • Presser foot lift: 8mm
  • Needle size: LWx6T 11-18



Cylinder arm sewing machine

Easy sewing machine controls

Flat or Cylinder arm sewing

Simple to use controls



  • LED needle light kit.
  • Linzbek energy saving servo motor (LB600C series)
  • Linzbek servo needle position motor with speed and acceleration control (LB610C/LB650C series).



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