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Juki new & reconditioned Industrial Sewing Machines



Juki MO-6500S

  Overlock sewing machine

Juki MO 6500s overlock sewing machine


The new Juki MO-6500S overlock sewing machine has been introduced by Juki as an entry level product intended for sale mainly in Asia and the developing countries.

Now made available in the UK as a cheap alternative to the higher specification Juki MO-6700S overlock range.

The MO6500S series comprises different models for 3, 4 or 5 thread overlock sewing.  

This Juki MO 6500 machine is provided as standard with an oil filter which filters contaminants from the oil protects the machine parts from abrading and improves the sewing machine durability.

Highly rigid feed mechanism is adopted which promises direct power transmissions.

The needle bar mechanism is direct drive which transmits power directly to the needle bar. It also contributes to improved durability.


Leaflet on Juki MO 6500s overlock


Juki MO-6504S = 3 thread single needle overlock sewing machine.

Juki MO-6514S = 4 thread twin needle overlock sewing machine.

Juki MO-6516S = 5 thread twin needle safety stitch overlock sewing machine.


Juki MO6500s leaflet


JUKI MO-6500s PDF instructions


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