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TAL HEATED VACUUM TABLE (pressing / ironing)

From J. Braithwaite & Co. (S.M.) Ltd


TAL Utility (Ladies Style)

Fully self-contained

Heated work area

Powerful vacuum

Standard 13 amp plug

Easily installed

Heated Vacuum table industrial ironing


Tal heated vacuum table

The Braithwaite Tal vacuum table is an ideal partner for the Gak steam generator (& other steam generators) and is used when you require a dry, clean, pressed garment. 

It is fitted with a round ended electrically heated ironing surface which is thermostatically controlled to help reduce pressing dampness and a powerful self-contained vacuum motor: which draws the steam through the garment giving professional finished results which last longer and are quicker to achieve.  

As standard it comes with a floor level foot kick plate, which operates the vacuum, leaving both hands free, a high temperature iron rest and a lower garment tray which is used for work in progress or to keep larger garments from touching the floor.


Optional Equipment:

Optional add-on equipment includes: Heated swing away arm kits - different shaped arm bucks - overhead suspension kits - overhead lighting kits and specially made to order options include: 3phase versions - vacuum and blowing versions.


TAL-H height adjustable table

Also available at extra cost is model TAL-H height adjustable table.  This is similar to the TAL table and adds a height adjusting column, which has a range between 780mm and 940mm (at 40mm intervals). This allows you to set the tables working height to suit an individual operator including: the tall or small user, who may find fixed height tables uncomfortable when used for a long period of time.

Example of a typical set-up:

including 2x Braithwaite Tal300 heated vacuum tables with optional heated sleeve arms, positioned either side of a Gak industrial steam generator fitted with 2x M28 long base steam irons.

Industrial stream ironing set

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Tal vacuum pressing/ironing table for use alongside industrial steam irons. Designed & manufactured in Europe to strict quality standards (beware of far eastern "Look alike" copies).

*Photos show optional heated sleeve arm kit & industrial steam iron which are available at extra cost

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