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Seiko SKZ series heavy duty Industrial Sewing Machines



Seiko SKZ-6 / SKZ-6B

Extra Heavy Duty industrial ZIGZAG machine

Seiko SKZ-6

Seiko SKZ-6 & SKZ-6B heavy duty, single needle, zigzag sewing machine with extra large capacity hook for use with heavy weight materials & thick sewing threads.

Suitable for sewing items such as sails, luggage, rope, nets, carpets, slings, belts etc.

Sub Class versions:

SKZ-6: Heavy duty 2 point (1-step)

SKZ-6B: Heavy duty 2 point with reverse

SKZ-6-3: Heavy duty 3 point (2-step)

SKZ-6B-3: Heavy duty 3 point with reverse

SKZ-6-4: Heavy duty 4 point (3-step)

SKZ-6B-4: Heavy duty 4 point with reverse

        Models also available with puller feed device.

Fitted with extra large hook & base
Maximum zigzag width12mm
Maximum Stitch length7.5mm
Needle bar stroke50.8mm
Maximum thread size#5 / V207 (standard)
Needle Type: 7x23  Size: 160 - 200
Presser foot lift10mm by hand, 12mm by knee / foot
Vertical working space195mm
Horizontal working space254mm
Maximum speed1000spm
Other Light, light-medium & medium-heavy weight Zigzag machines also available.

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