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Used Fusing presses - Continuous Roller Type






MeyerRPS L400Used Meyer RPS-L400 fusing press with open side design from the RPS-mini range.

Electronic temp control, variable belt speed and dial adjustable pressure setting.

up-to 40cm fusing width

Serviced & tested.

2650 +VAT

1Meyer RPS mini

Meyer RPSL 40cm open sided fusing press
PrestexPFC-320Used 32cm belt compact industrial roller fusing press with open sided design.

Single phase Standard 13amp plug

2kW heating up 200oC+

1350 +VAT

1Presstex fusing press
ReliantM71336" (90cm) large production continuous fusing press. 

Old brown model, for spares/repairs use only


Reliant / Meyer / Hashima / Bandwise

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