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Industrial Sewing Machines - Single Needle Lockstitch with Top & Bottom Feed






 JukiDLU-5490N-7Juki DLU-5490N UBT top feed single needle lockstitch sewing machine with Juki electronic needle position motor, EC123 stitch program & auto foot lifter.

In excellent condition.

*See photos*

Made in Japan by Juki

1895 +VAT


BrotherB7740-926Brother B7740 adjustable top feed sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer, digital stitch program, auto foot-lifter, Brother needle position motor.

With electronic ply sense and controller

Good condition, used to attach pockets and stitching collars etc.

990 +VAT


BrotherB774 406 906Brother B774 406 Top feed sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer.

Complete on unit including Brother electronic needle position motor and F40 digital stitch program.

Very good condition,

Made in Japan by Brother

See photos

Serviced & tested with warranty.

1675 +VAT

3Brother B774 406 top feed sewing machine

Brother top feed sewing machine with trim
Pfaff487 706 81 900 51


Special high-speed lockstitch seamer with drop feed and differential top feed.

including front adjuster levers, automatic thread trimmer & needle position motor (requires air).

also fitted with visual "fullness" indicator for top-feed quick-change etc.

1500 +VAT


Machines available serviced, tested & supplied with warranty.


Top & Bottom feed  --  Budget Machines
 MakeModelDescription Phase Notes
Pfaff487Basic Pfaff with bottom feed & top feed1/3490.00+VAT
BrotherDB2-B793-715Brother top and bottom feed lockstitch with automatic thread trimmer.  With unit stand and 3 phase efka electronic needle position motor.


3Brother top feed sewing machine
JukiDLU 490 -4Juki top feed lockstitch with automatic thread trimmer in unit stand with 3 phase electronic needle position motor.3695.00+VAT

Budget machines are serviced, tested & supplied with warranty.


Part exchanged & clearance machines



Durkopp 219 13103 Single needle lockstitch with bottom feed & adjustable top feed3 

Important notes on part exchanged & clearance machines


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